About us

The main activity of our company is the primary processing of wood (sawmill).

We’re located in Romanesti, Nr. 69/A (Tomeşti), Timis County, Romania.

Our main goal is getting a quality timber both in terms of cutting, and in terms of selecting quality logs. This can be achieved either with logs purchased from us, or with the client’s own lumber.

Given the current tools we can cut logs with lengths between 2.50m – 10.50m and a maximum diameter of 67cm. The resulting material may remain raw, or have its edges removed, based on the customer requirements. Also, the material can be dried within a professional dryer (limited capacity dryer of 40 cubic meters / charge).

Based on a firm order, we can manufacture various building materials such as beams, rafters, boards, planks, lath, etc.

On request, we can also sharpen circular saw blade teeth, for more details please visit the services page.